Scented AQ Coating


bul Aqueous Scented coating for Flexo (SOC)
Water-based (slurry) overprint coating designed as an economic choice for flexographic or offset aqueous coatings — Technical information

bul Aqueous Scented coating for Offset (SOV)
Acrylic based overprint coating. Designed to run in ink train only. Will not yellow over time (no oils) — Technical information

A pioneering evolution in scented varnishes, our "MicroVarnish¨ allows you to not only delivery the desired fragrance rendition, it also provides an economic approach for your promotional needs.

Now available for Aqueous Ink-Train coating

Formulated to run on with various applications, our press ready water-based varnish will deliver your essential oils in a sensational way.

Usage and Applications
Catalog inserts
Magazine inserts
Packaging materials

Contact us for a list of fragrances.

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